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Welcome to Dimensions Construction Services

Thanks for finding your way to our virtual home for Dimensions Construction Services. Whether you’re a neighbor living in our Oakland County hometown of Royal Oak or you’re paying us a visit from any other part of southeast Michigan and beyond, we’re thrilled you’re interested in learning how we might be able to help with your construction, renovation and home repair needs. So slip your shoes off, settle back in an easy chair around and let us learn how we can make your dream home just a bit better.

We understand why you’re here, looking for someone to trust in the residential home construction industry where the actual business owner might never appear at the job site once the work is underway. Long before we ever dreamed of entering the construction and remodeling business, we were homeowners too. So we can both speak personally from our own first-hand experiences, backed by our own past do-it-yourself efforts that often left us covered in drywall dust — along with some smiles of satisfaction over jobs well done.

Fortunately we are blessed with a certain aptitude for swinging a hammer, measuring twice and only having to make a cut a board once (Vince’s job) and fulfilling all the behind-the-scenes ownership responsibilities and the paperwork (Patti’s job) that enables a business to run smoothly and makes certain we’re on schedule for every one of our projects. It’s important to know that every project is important to us, too – be it great or small. So there’s never a concern that one customer’s work will be prioritized over another based on the size of the job. We value each and every client equally … like we would expect as customers ourselves.

It’s been said that a business is only as good as the people you surround yourself with. And that’s just one of the reasons why Dimension Construction Services has quickly earned a reputation for offering an unparalleled level of fast, skillful professional service – from all home remodeling to property management all across the Detroit metropolitan area. As a family-owned business we’ve chosen to work closely with our own friends and loved ones bringing their own unique skills to our team. (Of course we’re always looking to expand, so if you’ve got carpentry skills or other construction-related talents and seeking a great place to work, we’d love to talk!)

Make no mistake. When the Dimensions Construction Services team arrives at your doorstep, the people on our team are integral parts of our success. Unlike some competitors using independent contractors on job sites with no rooted interest in the welfare of the company’s reputation, each one of our representatives is a KEY part of the Dimensions Construction Services whole. After all, we’re practically family. Quite simply, we don’t hand our work off to someone else.

If your indoor, outdoor or a combination of both types of home improvement needs involves masonry, flooring, basement finishing, dry wall, cabinetry, a whole kitchen or bathroom remodeling effort, yard work (like fencing and decking) and so much more, please feel free to contact us today. We’re always happy to have a face-to-face meeting at your property, where we can quickly provide a free cost estimate for your project. Let’s get started today.

Thank you,

Patti and Vince

Dimensions Construction Services, LLC.


You shouldn’t hesitate to CALL US for any of your Michigan home renovation projects, small or large remodeling projects, etc.

Dimensions Construction Services

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