What can Dimensions Construction Services do for you?

When it comes to finding a suitable construction service for a planned home improvement and remodeling project — like adding an egress window to the basement of a Wayne County colonial, replacing the crumbling chimney bricks atop a Macomb County bungalow or adding a wooden privacy fence in the backyard of an Oakland County ranch — there can be a daunting search process ahead. Why spend endless days searching in vain for a construction company capable of tackling a multitude of tasks, when Dimensions Construction Services (DCS) is ready and waiting to meet a wide range of needs?

Make no mistake. The experienced and knowledgeable Royal Oak, Michigan-based Dimensions Construction Services team offers the level of expertise typically seen in a specialty firm. The DCS team is also nimble enough to also build a two-story deck with the same level of workmanship. The appeal is clear. Home construction is a disruptive process by nature. Instead of dealing with multiple companies, why not minimize challenges and turn to one full-service construction company?

“From the moment Dimensions Construction Services was founded, we knew our business should focus on fulfilling a wide range of interior and exterior home improvement, construction, remodeling, repair and renovation services,” said DCS owner Patti. “We recognize time is precious for our customers, and we can best-serve our clients’ needs by providing a one-stop option when it comes to multiple projects. It all comes back to redefining the meaning of the ‘customer service’ experience. Based solely on the number of customer calls we’re receiving through customer referrals to their friends and family members, we’re filling a missing niche.”


Giving a better idea about the capabilities of the talented DCS crew, here are some of the construction and remodeling services offered:


  • Masonry – work includes the installation and repair of steps, chimneys, and repurposed fire pits making any exterior more safe and appealing.
  • Flooring – involves the removal and replacement of existing flooring with any desired type, including tile, wooden flooring, vinyl, linoleum. Customers uncertain about their options can count on the professional DCS team to discuss suitable flooring options.
  • Basement finishing – from building an additional room in the basement to adding an egress window (legally required when a basement is used as living quarters) to completely renovating the basement and making it as cozy as a living room, DCS delivers.
  • Interior remodeling – kitchens, living rooms and baths and much more are ready to be updated to suit the owner’s tastes with a contemporary new look.
  • Drywall – typically taken for granted in a home until those pesky holes appear (like from the time the grandfather clock toppled over), drywall plays a big part in any home’s first impression. Whether it’s involving repair, replacement or installation, drywall work is best left for the most motivated do-it-yourselfer or an enthusiastic and friendly Dimensions Construction Services team member.
  • Cabinetry – cumbersome to work with the at the best of times, unruly cabinets quickly come to reflect a dated home at best or an abode untouched since 1970 at worst. Stay current and contemporary in a kitchen – and breathe easy with the knowledge that those newly hung cabinets will be level – thanks to some skilled intervention from the professionals.
  • Windows – like eyes are the window to the human soul, home windows are … well, windows to the home. Aging home windows are more apt to leak, allow drafts and just present a general poor appearance. Change that outlook with a better-insulated option likely to impact the bottom line budget where winter heating bills are concerned.
  • Yards – From the installation of fencing (wooden, chain link, vinyl and more) to constructing a deck of dreams where the barbeque grill will reside, Dimensions Construction Services works outside, too.

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